About Us

Over 50 years, Giestal has been present in many homes all over the world.

Since our foundation (1948), we always privileged the quality of raw material and the experience on the weaving process.

Times has changed, and starting 1999 we combine Quality, with Design and Refinement.

To the tradition of human knowledge on the weaving we add the automation of the most recent looms, and as result we get always new, selected and refined products with new finishing and innovative Design.

These are the criteria which allow Giestal to face the future with confidence.

We inherit more than 50 years of life and prestige and we assume an aesthetic and technological innovation in each moment of our future life.

At present Giestal exports 95% of production for several markets, like Europe, USA, South America and Japan.

As a result of our performance, during the last years, we have been distinguished with many awards for PME Excellency.

Mission and Vision

Giestal pretends to be a reference on supply of bed linen, challenging continuously the quality and evolution of their products.


Giestal is already implemented on the most important foreign markets, offering to their clients, a qualified service, as result of our long experience.


Combining a know-how of decades, tradition and experience,we are on vanguard of innovation, using the finest yarns and the most developed process of weaving.

Design and Confort

Following the highest criteria of requirement, we privilege an aspect that we consider very important :

  • A modern and up-to-date design, combined to an extreme comfort.